KPR are boilers with a hydraulically driven step grating, and an Adiabatic superconductor firing booth. Such a construction provides extremely high combustion efficiency with extremely low output gas parameters.

The main feature of the KPR plant is the high robustness that enables them to operate with extremely low fuel quality:

a full range of low-quality wood waste, wood cherry, branches, rougher wood, waste wood from parquet production, palette, furniture, etc, all with a high percentage of moisture - over 60%, high percentage of ash and very different granulations - even to dimensions wood or bark of 40cm in length and 10cm in width. The price of such energy sources is drastically smaller than the classic chopper, which gives these plants an important economic advantage over competitors.

The power range of the KPR system ranges from 1.5MW to 10MW, and the water parameters can range from 90 to 135 C.


Silence at work

Compact dimensions

Sustainable energy

Energetic efficiency

Cost savings

Ecologically aware