Hot-water electric boilers type EK

Electric boiler "TOPLING" -EK is small in size but with a large heat capacity. Suitable for heating water in a radiator system or underfloor heating system in 90/70 oC mode. Electric boiler "TOPLING" -EK can be used as the main source of heat in flats, houses, cottages, cafes or as a combination of heating in already existing boiler rooms for solid and liquid fuel for transitional regimes at the beginning and at the end of the heating season. The boiler „TOPLING“ - EK does not produce noise, does not pollute the environment and does not require storage space for heating, and does not require a special and large installation space.

The boiler works on the principle of heating small quantity of water, so that its energy consumption is almost 100%. TOPLING – EK is intented for hanging on the wall and setting on the floor.It is performed in variants of the following power: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 kW.

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Electric boilers
Electric boilers

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